Here you are right if you want to get support for the thesis in the form of an online coaching.

You can hardly motivate yourself to finally tackle the master thesis (diploma thesis, master thesis)? You have a topic, but much more has not happened yet?

You would like to write your master’s thesis or your diploma thesis, but do not make as quick progress as you have planned?

You have questions to the Exposé, to the correct quotation or to the literature search?

Then you are right in the writing workshop!

I have worked in teaching and science for over 20 years. What is new to you is routine for me. There is hardly a worry or a problem that I’m not familiar with. Incidentally, I have written two diploma theses and a doctoral thesis and know, therefore, what a challenge you are facing.

You just want to write your master thesis or diploma thesis?

For questions like these, I can support you:

  • Find and narrow topic
  • How do I find a topic for my master thesis or diploma thesis?
  • How do I know that the topic is suitable for my university work?
  • How do I realize that the topic I found is not too big?
  • What do I have to do if I have found a topic for my master thesis or diploma thesis?
  • Write an exposé
  • How do I write an exposé for my master thesis or diploma thesis?
  • Should I write an exposé, even if my supervisor does not want one?
  • What does everything belong in the synopsis?
  • How do I develop an outline?
  • Search literature
  • What can I do to really find all the literature I need?
  • Can I assume that the entire literature is available online?
  • Which catalogs should I use?
  • Which databases are important?
  • What do I do if I feel that I can not cope with all the literature mountains?
  • How do I evaluate literature?
  • Should I use a literature management program?
  • How can I evaluate the literature in a time-economic way?
  • How should I sort my literature?

Quote right

  • How do I quote magazine articles correctly?
  • When do I have to do a document with a page and when without?
  • Where do I put a receipt for longer quotes?
  • How do I make a correct secondary quote?

Create bibliography

  • How do I best arrange the bibliography in my master thesis or diploma thesis?
  • How do I collect online publications?
  • Do I have to include the entire literature that I have read in the bibliography?

Writer’s block and motivation

  • How do I get out of the writer’s block, which has been slowing me for weeks or even months to write my diploma thesis or master’s thesis?
  • What can I do to motivate myself to finish my thesis? For the moment it’s a pain.
  • How do I get my master’s thesis, job and family under one roof?

It counts the human: Click on the video!

I think it’s important that you see me before you book coaching. In addition to competence, coaching also includes sympathy. So click on the video and see if I’m the right one for you.

What students say about coaching

I am currently writing my master thesis. It will be my first major scientific work and I felt lost despite good support from my supervisor. Mrs. Weigl has given me very concrete, well-implemented tips for organizing my Literaturberg. I have learned from her procedures how I can make the work more exciting and avoid enumeration of comparisons or quotations. After the coaching, I still received hints and links to support her by e-mail.


I was afraid that I would plagiarize. In the coaching with Mrs. Weigl we were able to eliminate my uncertainties. I now know what to look out for when writing, so that no plagiarism is included in my master’s thesis.

Sabine (study of nutrition science)

I have had my subject for six months already and have not made any progress. In the coaching with Huberta I realized that my topic is much too big. We broke it down together and discussed how to write an exposé. That helped me alot. First of all, I have to implement what we have worked out together, and then I go back to my supervisor. I think that I finally get the diploma thesis now.

 Melanie (economics student)

I wanted to write my diploma thesis about the EU. Somehow I did not get along with the literature. I did not know if I had found the right literature and if that was all. During the coaching, I realized that I do not know exactly how to systematically search for literature. Above all, I had no idea about the databases, which obviously are really important. Now I know how it works. And I also know that I have to revise the exposé for my master’s thesis. Makes work, but makes sense.

Stefan (Business Administration student)