Learn copywriting in online coaching.

Are you an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, do you write the texts for your company appearance yourself and would you like some feedback? You work in a company and are responsible there for the marketing and PR texts and would like to write more pointedly?

Do you feel that your lyrics are not sounding all round and you are wondering how to improve them? You would like to know how to write really good texts for a website, a newsletter etc.? I can support you in these concerns.

Write offer

  • What does all belong in an offer?
  • How do I best build my offer?
  • How do I write an offer that is convincing?
  • How do I calculate a realistic offer?
  • to blog
  • Information on blogging can be found on this page.
  • Flyer texts
  • How do I get people to not only take my flyer, but also read it?
  • How do I describe my offer?
  • How can I get my readers to call me or send me an e-mail?
  • Design and write newsletters
  • How often should I send a newsletter?
  • Which content is suitable for a newsletter?
  • How do I build a newsletter?
  • What do I have to do to make my newsletter legally compliant?
  • What should I pay particular attention to when I write a newsletter?
  • Build press distribution list and write press release
  • When does a press release make sense?
  • Which reports do journalists like to access?
  • How do you build a press release?
  • How long should the press release be?
  • What should I pay attention to linguistically when writing a press release?
  • Do I need a press section on my website?
  • What belongs in there?
  • How do I set up a press distribution list?
  • How do I send the press release the best?
  • Write website texts and SEO texts
  • How do I formulate clear and understandable texts for my website?
  • What information belongs to the homepage of my website?
  • How do I write a “About me”?
  • How do I describe my offer?
  • How do I write really good texts for my courses?
  • Is the navigation of my website logically structured?
  • How do I turn website visitors into customers?
  • How do I optimize my texts for search engines?


Can I come to your office?

Occasionally I get inquiries if I also offer coaching in my office. I understand that you may prefer this way, but I do not offer advice face-to-face. By the way, I’m doing very good experiences with the tool I’m working with. More on that a little further down.

Can I send you a text in advance so you can read it?

If you have written a text and it makes sense that I read it, I do so in the context of coaching. So it is enough if you send me your text after a first exchange during coaching (for example, via e-mail). You can also share your screen with me during coaching. Experience has shown that works well. In addition, I read quickly and understand very quickly, where the problem lies.


A 60-minute coaching costs 120$  including 20% ​​VAT. For this fee, I provide all my expertise as a copywriter, business economist and social media consultant.

Your way to the appointment

Online booking

Booking and process of coaching:

At the bottom of this page you will find the overview with the available dates. Here you can book a consultation session of 60 minutes. During this time I am only there for you and we work with full force on your questions.

How does this work technically? Quite simply: Shortly before the coaching, you will receive an e-mail from me with a link to a virtual meeting room in which we meet. The only thing you need is an internet connection, a camera and a microphone. Incidentally, the tool I work with is called Zoom.us. It runs much more stable than Skype.